This is Crossfit 26

CrossFit 26 is St. Louis’ CrossFit box designed around you: the people who invest their time and sweat at our gym. We’re here to push you to reach your goals. Answer your questions. And help you every step of the way.

The Best of All Worlds.

When you step foot inside CrossFit 26, you’ll see that we take a laid-back approach to our atmosphere and style. That way, you can focus all your effort on training. Yes, our workouts and programming are intense – we want to make sure that your hard work always pays off.

We’ve carefully crafted a hybrid system that brings together the best from different training principles, theories and techniques. By focusing on body awareness, mobility, alignment and strength as the essential building blocks of our fitness programs, we see unprecedented results every day.

Performance WODS

The 26 WOD

Friday July 3rd


M1: 5 Snatch Balance
M2: :30 Hollow Rocks
M3: 6 Low Carry Step Over Box 20/18/15″


6 Rounds
Row 200 M
8 Pull ups
Run 200 M

135/95 C2B
115/80 C2B
95/65 Pull ups

Saturday July 4th

Hero Mash Up

Jerry and Ryan


1 mile Run
3 rounds
7 MU
21 Burpee
2K Row
2 Rounds
7 MU
21 Burpee
Run 1 mile

Sunday July 5th
No Strength workout today.
No WOD workout today.

Its one thing to be in awe of athletes who train to be the best at exercising. The talent pool of CrossFit athletes gets younger and younger. Hence the TEEN division, but dare I say the talent pool gets older and older and Better with Age.  The Masters are a specific division in the Games. Men and Women, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+. YES, men and women that put themselves through the physical strain of muscle ache and mental pain… Continue reading