New to CrossFit?
Let’s Get Started.

If you’re not a member yet and just want to check out the program, we’re happy to help. To learn more about what CrossFit is and what makes 26 different, check out our about page. But for a real introduction, stop by one of our scheduled classes to see us in action.

The Intro Program

To join CrossFit, you first need to take the introduction classes. It’s a set of five private training sessions scheduled at your convenience. They’re bootcamp-style classes designed to give you a real look at what you can expect as a member, and a tough workout each time. While you learn the fundamentals and mechanics of CrossFit at 26, it gives us the chance to assess your fitness level. After your introduction, you’ll be ready to join as a member, with a class filled with other athletes at your same level.

Class Name
Intro Class Program
5 Private Sessions