That’s the “textbook” definition that you’ll find in every CrossFit Handbook and Trainer’s Guide. While it is a great definition, in reality, CrossFit is what you make it – and your version will differ from mine and the next athlete’s. So let’s break down the definition.

Functional Movements: These are the things we do in everyday life that require multiple joints and compound movements. From picking something up off the ground to putting something else on a shelf, and even squatting down to take a seat, these are daily movements that you do without even thinking about it.

Constantly Varied: Never the same thing. Day in and day out, our workouts are always changing. A new WOD means a new challenge for your body – never giving you the chance to get stuck and plateau.

High Intensity: We put the maximum amount of energy into every movement. Speed and effort combine to equal high intensity and real results.

The CrossFit 26 Difference

Here at CrossFit 26, we expand the definition to focus on the most important elements of fitness.

Mechanics: How well your body moves during these functional exercises and getting the move down to precision.

Consistency: How often does your body move this well in a period of time? Constantly repeating the same movement with excellent mechanics.

Intensity: Once, you master the mechanics of the movement and the consistency, then we add Intensity. That means how many times you can complete the task while keeping your mechanics perfect.